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Droitwich Spa (often just Droitwich) is a town in northern Worcestershire, England. Town is situated on the River Salwarpe. Massive deposits of salt that Droitwich is situated on are ten times stronger than sea water only competed with Dead Sea. Rock and salt brine has been extracted by the Romans since ancient times. The most famous construction in town is Droitwich Canal which is combination of the Droitwich Barge Canal and Droitwich Junction Canal. Those canals were built to carry salt. They have been successfully restored since 1973 and new Barge Canal was opened in 2010 and Junction Canal was opened in 2011. Now the course of the river is deeper and wider. You will find here local highlights like Sacred Heart Church, Droitwich Museum, Chateau Impney Hotel, cycle routes. Droitwich has big leisure centre that includes: gym, swimming pool, squash courts, outside football pitch. There’s a lot to do in here and this place is perfect for weekend getaways.

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